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The RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF IRAQ World Congress and Exhibition is jointly organised by the IMC  International Merchandising Center and EURO-MED TDS Euro-Mediterranean Trade, Distribution and Services Initiative (the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Entrepreneurs of the 27 countries in the Mediterranean and Near East region operating under the patronage of the European Commission and the Council of the EU).

The event is under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr Nicos Anastasiades. The organisers are working to secure the direct participation of the Government of Iraq as well as the strategic partnership of a number of interested stakeholders in this challenging reconstruction effort, such as the European Union, the Arab League, Government Agencies, International Organisations, the UNDP, the World Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

A number of Banks and Financial Institutions as well as Government Agencies and large Corporations have shown interest to sponsor the event. There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities for public and private sector companies and organisations who see this as a marketing opportunity to project their image and promote their products and services. Details are available from the Organisers.



The main purpose of this event is to contribute towards the ongoing international effort for the reconstruction and development of Iraq and to help the people of this worn torn country build a better future. The special role of certain countries either pro-actively involved, or being directly affected by the reconstruction process, will be highlighted during the Conference and Congress and further discussed and analyzed in special workshops and breakout sessions.

iraq syria1Rebuilding Iraq

The Congress will discuss the more urgent plans for an early recovery, setting the stage for longer term economic development. Multi-sectoral plans highlighting investment opportunities based on in-depth social and economic assessments will be presented at the Congress. The aim of these development plans is to achieve longer term fiscal recovery and sustainable economic growth.

Participants at this event will therefore have the opportunity to participate not only in the early recovery programs, but also in a possibly much larger, longer term development programs. Rebuilding infrastructures is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for the long term economic.  In fact, no reconstruction effort can lead to sustainable economic growth, unless it runs in parallel with the normalization and revitalization of businesses and trading conditions. To that effect the congress organisers aim at bringing together business people from Iraq with industrialists, exporters and traders from all over the world, in order to enable them to reestablish normal business and trading relationships with the rest of the world. The format of the Congress and Exhibition offers multiple opportunities for normal business people from Iraq to gain valuable information about developments in international trade either during the presentations, seminars and workshops or through B2B meetings with overseas suppliers.    

The Congress will provide a platform for the discussion of projects and priorities and will highlight the areas for international cooperation in the reconstruction process. The Exhibition will be a showcase for products, new technologies and services available today, directly relevant to the huge task of reconstruction and development.

This important event will be the meeting point for the key players in the reconstruction process, the buyers and the solution providers. Needless to say, business people from Iraqwill have the opportunity to meet with their counterparts from export-oriented countries in order to make trading and business deals which will further improve the prospects of economic recovery.




The event will take place in December 2019 at the newly renovated IMC EXPO Centre, a modern Exhibition, Conference and Business Centre in Nicosia.

The Congress will have a three-day format, with an opening ceremony in the presence of H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and high-level officials from Iraq and other countries involved in the reconstruction process, and a closing ceremony on day two, elaborating the conclusions and recommendations of the Congress. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to attend specialized workshops held in breakout rooms adjacent to main conference hall as well as have one on one B2B meetings in the networking area at the IMC business centre.

The Exhibition will have a duration of one week and will offer the opportunity for the promotion of development projects, products and services to participants.

This will be a meeting of practical importance to all participants. Public sector officials from Iraq directly involved in the planning and reconstruction process have been invited to participate. They will be available for meetings with solution providers for in-depth discussion of the projects and their requirements.


The World Congress and Exhibition on the Reconstruction and Development of Postwar Lebanon jointly organised by IMC International Merchandising Centre Ltd, The World Trade Centers of Lebanon and Cyprus, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation in 2006.

Private sector buyers such as contractors, engineering firms, project managers, traders, industrialists and others will have the opportunity to meet solution providers such as suppliers of materials, machinery and equipment, financial institutions, contractors and professional services.

Solution providers from all over the world will be invited to participate at the Congress and Exhibition in one or more ways. They may participate as exhibitors of their products or services at the exhibition organised for this purpose at the IMC EXPO Centre or as event sponsors. Furthermore, they may hold pre-arranged workshops and group sessions for a presentation of their products and services to invited hosted buyers (see WORKSHOPS list on page 13 below).

Opportunities also exist for all participants to engage in networking activities and take part in a number of interactive working groups.

The organisers of the Congress with prior agreement with the parties concerned, will arrange a series of private one-on-one meetings between buyers and solution providers before their arrival in Cyprus.




The IMC EXPO Centre is a state-of-the-art Exhibition and Conference centre conveniently located at the Entrance of Nicosia and with easy access from all other towns in Cyprus. In fact, visitors to the Centre can use for their accommodation either the various hotels in Nicosia or even hotels in the nearby towns of Larnaca (25 minutes’ drive) or even Limassol (45 minutes’ drive) from the Centre.

iraq syria3The IMC EXPO Centre

The surrounding area is already one of the most successful commercial destinations attracting on a daily basis tens of thousands of visitors. Adjacent to the IMC building is the Mall of Cyprus, IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Superhome Centre as well as the showrooms of Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo, Nissan and Hyundai.  

On four floors covering 20,000m2, the IMC Centre has ample exhibition space, a main conference hall which can accommodate over 500 delegates and six smaller breakout event halls of various sizes that can accommodate sessions ranging from 50 to 250 persons, all equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment. Furthermore, the Centre has a fully pledged business centre with all the necessary support services and spacious areas for networking and one-on-one B2B meetings.

The centre will also make available to exhibitors a dedicated 2000 m2 open air exhibition area, suitable for the display of heavy-duty transport, construction and municipal equipment, etc. The centre also offers multiple catering facilities, including restaurants, snack bars and coffee shops. 



iraq syria4WHY CYPRUS

Cyprus is a member state of the European Union, and has historically enjoyed perfect political and economic relations with the nearby Arab Countries. Being the European Union’s southern outpost, it is therefore strategically located to serve as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. With the recent events in Iraq and Syria, Cyprus played a crucial role in the humanitarian effort to channel aid to refugees and in the repatriation of foreign nationals.

Its close geographical proximity and political neutrality in the recent conflict make Cyprus ideal for an international venue for promoting the reconstruction and development of the region.



The congress will be under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades who will open the Congress and address the Conference. High level government officials from Iraq, the European Union, the Arab League, and Jordan will deliver keynote speeches. A short speech will also be delivered by the Cyprus Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Chairmen of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Cyprus Employers Federation. Senior Government officials from all interested countries and world acclaimed experts will make presentations, hold meetings and conduct workshops.



The Congress and Exhibition aim at bringing together in one venue, policy makers from Iraq designing the reconstruction process and assigning priorities, Public and Private sector buyers who publish tenders for their implementation, companies interested to participate in projects either as Original Equipment Manufacturers, Material Suppliers, Contractors and Developers, and Professional Consultants. At the same time, the event is equally attractive to business people and traders interested to re-establish trading activities with the rest of the world.  


Hosted Buyers from Iraq

  • Central Government Officials (e.g. Ministries of Finance, Transport & Public buildings, Energy, Telecommunications, Environment etc.)
  • Investment and Export Promotion Agencies
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Employers and Industrialists Federations
  • Local Authorities (Municipalities, Regional development agencies etc.)
  • Corporate buyers
  • Financial institutions
  • Development Agencies
  • Others

Solution Providers (vendors) worldwide

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Construction Companies
  • Water and Sanitation
  • ICT, Telecoms, Communications and Aviation
  • Machinery and Equipment suppliers
  • Building Materials suppliers
  • Manufacturers and Trading Companies
  • Franchisors
  • Professionals (Consultants, Engineers, Architects etc.)
  • Others


Prof. Luigi Troiani, Secretary General of Euro-Med TDS addressing the Euro Mediterranean Trade & Partnership Fair, jointly organised by Euro-Med TDS and Business Global, a subsidiary of IMC.



The Exhibition will highlight tone of the most ambitious and challenging reconstruction projects ever undertaken, especially taking into account the amount of destruction upon significant parts of the basic infrastructures, as well as residential and commercial properties and the impact all these had on economic activity of Iraq.

Traders, Contractors, Suppliers, Consultants and others interested in the multi faced reconstruction programs and the billions of business dollars it is generating will be able to display their products and services at this special exhibition. Furthermore, since the Congress and Exhibition will cover not only the reconstruction of necessary infrastructure but also the future economic development of these countries basically there is no limit to the product and service categories of interest

The Exhibition is organised to serve as a catalyst for buyers and solution providers in search of challenging opportunities. It will also serve as a platform for the forging of business alliances between investors, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and professional services providers for major reconstruction projects.

The degree of damage in the infrastructures of Iraq is huge. The reconstruction cost is estimated at US$ 88 billion. The main sectors affected are Housing, Energy, Health, Transport, Water Supply and Sanitation, Education, Industry, Commerce and Agriculture and Oil and Gas.

Exhibitors will have this exceptional opportunity to meet buyers and decision makers from both, the public and private sectors. They will meet officials and contractors involved hands-on with the reconstruction projects.



Source: GoI – Iraq Reconstruction and Development

Key sectors exhibiting are:

Any infrastructure solution providers, Construction Technology, Building Materials, Fixtures and Fittings, Electricity, Power Generation and Distribution, Environmental Technology, Lighting, Communications Systems, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Computer and Information Technology, Professional Services, Oil and Gas, Transport and Aviation, Professional Services, Financial Institutions, Domestic and Commercial Appliance suppliers, Franchisors etc.



Visitors to the Exhibition will be qualified buyers from the public and private sectors of Iraq as well as contractors, project managers, architects, engineers and specifiers sourcing for plant, machinery, equipment, new technology, materials and professional services. A number of Visitors will be in search of contracting and sub-contracting opportunities and joint venture partnerships. The Exhibition will also attract visitors from other Middle East countries, China, The Russian Federation, Eastern Europe, Greece and Cyprus.

It is expected that the Congress and exhibition will also attract business people interested to re-establish business connections with the suppliers from overseas. 



  • Construction Technology
  • Building Materials, Fixtures & Fittings
  • Electricity, Power Generation & Distribution
  • Environmental Technology
  • Lighting
  • Communications Systems
  • Air-Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation
  • Professional Services and Consultants
  • Computer & Information Technology
  • Suppliers of all types of consumer products


Seminar on Travel and Tourism at the IMC
Business Networking at the IMC EXPO Centre


For information concerning the participation fee at the Congress, please contact the Organisers. For organisations wishing to participate with multiple delegates, there are special arrangements available.

The participation fee entitles the delegate to attend all Conference sessions, meetings, workshops and social events. Delegates need to make their own arrangements for travel, hotels, transfers etc. and pay for the cost.

The Organizers can assist in airline and hotel bookings if requested by the client. All fees to the Congress are payable in advance before the event. There is no refund of money in case of cancellations.

Special packages which include hotel accommodation, airport transfers, exhibition space rental, meals etc. are available upon request.



Exhibition space is available on all four floors of the IMC EXPO Centre as per the typical floor plan presented below:

Pavilions can be constructed and licensed for companies and organisations in multiples of 16 m2 and multiples of 80 m2 for national pavilions. For prices please contact the Organisers



  1. The rates are for space only. For the construction of stands, furniture, fittings etc. arrangements can be made with a local contractor based in the exhibition center. Alternatively, an exhibitor may wish to employ his/her own contractor or make other arrangements.
  1. All exhibitors are entitled to attend the Conference FREE OF CHARGE.


iraq syria9iraq syria10

The Russian Enterprises and the US Products Pavilions in previous Internationals events held at the IMC.




Display of products or services in an indoor pavilion in the main exhibition hall with a minimum space area of 16m2 Additional space can be rented in multiples of 16m2. National Pavilions are available at a minimum size of 80m2and in multiples of 80m2 thereafter.


Open air display for heavy construction machinery and equipment with a canvas roof for protection from the weather. No minimum space requirement.


Small stands of approximately 4m2 for display of company and product literature and smaller product items. Ideal for services companies.


Catalogue only participation. Participants’ catalogues and other literature to be displayed to the public at the entrance to the exhibition.



  1. For rates please contact the Organisers
  2. All the exhibition participants regardless of the method of participation will have their names and contact details listed free in the Official Exhibition Catalogue which will be distributed worldwide.
  3. For participation under options B, C and D prospective exhibitors are advised to request a separate application form for completion from the Organisers.



There are sponsorship opportunities for public sector and private sector companies and organisations who see this as a marketing opportunity to project their image, promote their products and services. Details are available from the Organisers.



During the context of the Congress and Exhibition a number of Special Interest Workshops and interactive group sessions will take place in breakout rooms at the IMC Trade Centre premises. The list below will be finalized after consultations with our strategic partners, the interested country government officials, public policy decision makers, leading representatives of key sectors of economic activity and leaders from a variety of business organisations and associations. 


Workshop Session from the Lebanon Reconstruction Conference in 2006
Ex Chairman of CCCI M. Mavromatis addressing a plenary session at the IMC


Workshop I (For Contractors)
Transport Infrastructure Projects including Airports, Railways, Ports, Highways, etc.).

Workshop II (For Contractors)
Housing and Public building construction projects.

Workshop III (For Suppliers)
Construction material sourcing.

Workshop IV (Building Technologies)
Suppliers and buyers of Plant and Machinery and Equipment.

Workshop V (For Service Providers)
Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Financial Institutions, Project Managers Etc.

Workshop VI (Environment specialists)
Environmental protection and conservation. Waste management, water and sanitation.

Workshop VII (Energy)
Oil and Gas. Energy conservation programs. Alternative Energy technologies.

Workshop VIII (Technology)
Technology transfer. Research and Development. Technology parks.

Workshop IX (Finance)
Financing Construction and Development.

Workshop X (Investments)
Investing in Iraq. The legal framework and the tax regime.

Workshop XI (Health)
Public health programs and research

Workshop XII (Building Services)
Building interiors and household appliances

Workshop XIII (Tourism Development)
Tourism infrastructure, development and management

Workshop XIV (Agricultural Development)
Restructuring Iraq’s Agriculture

Workshop XV (Telecommunications)
IT and Telecommunications

Workshop XVI (Franchising)
Franchising Opportunities

Workshop XVII
Industry and Commerce

Workshop XVIII
Presentations from Governorates and Municipalities

Workshop XVIX
Power, Electricity Generation and Distribution

Workshop XX
(Jordan Free and Development Zones)

Workshop XXI
Major Development Projects in Jordan

Workshop XXII
Jordan as a Logistics and Distribution Gateway to Iraq





For more information

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