As the average age of the population is growing very fast, the need for Health, Wellness and Medical Services and related products is rising also at a fast pace. The same is true for quality and variety of Health and Medical Equipment, both as a result of the rapid advance in technology and of the rising numbers of third age persons who need special equipment to assist them in their everyday life, smart houses to live in and high technology solutions for rehabilitation.

The Health and Medical Sector and, in particular, Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism, is growing in the East-Mediterranean and Middle East Region (in which Cyprus is the centre) faster than anywhere else in the world. On the other side, internationally, there is a very impressive progress in all areas relating to Health, Wellness and Medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, supplements and new approaches to improve health and equipment and services aiming at improving the health and wellness of handicapped and elderly persons. Also important is the fact that, gradually, medicine becomes more integrated, as western and eastern approaches are coming closer.

The “EURO-MEDITERRANEAN HEALTH, MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICALS EXHIBITION AND FORUM” aims at bringing together organisations, companies and individual persons from all over the world with their counterparts and/or potential business partners from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. Needless to say Health Care Professional irrespective of their specific discipline or whether they are doctors, manufacturers or distributors of Medical equipment or supplies will have the opportunity to be informed about the latest developments in their disciples and be informed of the latest available equipment, supplies, medicines and treatment procedures.

The Exhibition will cover all sectors relating to health, wellness and fitness including:

  • • All categories of Health Care Services and Disciplines
  • • Medical Equipment
  • • Medical Supplies
  • • Disposables & Consumables
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Rehabilitation
  • • Fitness and Wellness
  • • Nutrition and Health Food

The Forum and Exhibition shall take place between the … and …of … 2020 at the IMC Expo Centre in Nicosia Cyprus. The Forum, thus, includes two weekends to facilitate participation by both exhibitors and visitors.

Major Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment, Appliances and Consumables companies from the USA, China, India, United Kingdom, Germany, France Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Spain and Portugal will be exhibiting for the benefit of mainly but not limited to, buyers and professional operating in the Medical Sector from the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans.



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