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“Building, Construction and Living”

Exhibition and Networking

RESCHEDULED due to COVID-19. New dates to be announced soon.  




Building and Construction are among the industry sectors in the Euro-Mediterranean Region with great growth potential, especially when taking into account the huge reconstruction needs of countries like Iraq and Syria, but also huge construction and development projects undertaken in the lucrative Gulf Region and in countries like Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon.

Taking into consideration that the reconstruction of Iraq is estimated to cost around $88 billion and that of Syria more than $300 billion, no company operating in the Construction Sector can ignore this unprecedented and unique opportunity.

The demand is huge for all types of infrastructure projects, such as roads, airports, harbors, schools, hospitals, commercial and public service buildings, as well as water and sanitation, oil and gas, ICT and agricultural infrastructure projects. Demand is also huge for the construction of residences, in view of the destruction of a large number of residential buildings in countries of the Region due to wars and the need to improve the quality of houses in other countries.

Needless to say, no reconstruction effort can succeed without the parallel revamping of normal everyday economic activity. Investment in Construction and development projects will create a significant multiplier effect on many other ancillary sectors of economic activity, generating demand for all sorts of products and services required to construct, decorate, furnish and equip new developments.

The “Living” sector in the Euro-Mediterranean Region covers a vast range of products and services including everything required for the home, as well as for office and commercial establishments. This is a sector in which many different types of businesses operate, including importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and traders, as well as professional consultants.

The “EURO-MIDDLE EAST BUSINESS WEEK, Building, Construction and Living” exhibition aims at bringing together Developers, Construction Companies, Technology Providers, Raw Material and Equipment Suppliers and Traders, Consultants (including Architects, Interior Designers, Civil, Mechanical, Environmental, Chemical and Electrical Engineers) from all over the world, offering a unique opportunity to network, make connections, learn about new technologies and materials, as well as secure sales or identify suitable business partners. At the same time the “Living” section of the exhibition aims at offering the opportunity to the thousands of businesses operating in this critical sector to trade and promote their products and services to their counterparts in the Region.

The Exhibition will take place during January of 2021 at the IMC Expo Centre in Nicosia Cyprus. Final dates to be announced soon.

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